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(TV) But Seriously folks...


From:    joseph-k@swbell.net (Ken Thompsen)

>Bono, Edge, and...Bowie! He still should try to get him to do some guitar
>tracks and tour. Or maybe he has tried...Or maybe he needs a latter day Ed

U2 would be great playing along with Television. Look at how well PJ Harvey
has improved so much since she signed on the U2 Elevation Tour. I felt I was
hearing a brand new band and brand new songs because of the way she played --
it was amazing -- even better than U2.

As far as Bowie is concerned, remember what happened to the great Stevie Ray
Vaughan. However, the Nine Inch Nails tour went pretty well, so maybe Bowie
may not be bad, but who knows, since there is already bad blood between Tom
and David.

Other admirers would be Echo & The Bunnymen or REM.

My question is seriously folks, would Tom handle playing second fiddle?
I don't think so. Something would have to be done like what the Bunnymen did
on their famous pre-Lollapalooza 87 tour with New Order and Gene Loves
Jezebel. Where the Bunnymen and NO headlined alternately on different nights.

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