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Re: (TV) Protecting our national treasures (was: Surviving a Musical Gulag...)

Leo, I'm glad you're not on amphetamines, but excessive caffeine can be bad,
too (see Errol Morris' "Mr. Death" for a man who drinks 40 cups of coffee a
day). Personally, even with one cup of coffee in me, I think I'm reeling from
your last few messages.

--- "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> I still get pretty sad and almost "lose it a little" 
> whenever I'm in used record/cd stores and see an old, beat up, 
> copy of "Dreamtime" with the black and white front cover photo 
> of Tom's head with a great big rectangular cut-out nick in it

During Clinton's last few days in office, my friends and I lobbied hard for
turning TV's albums into national landmarks, which would have protected them
from winding-up as cut-outs. Sadly, we failed, and the new administration is
more interested in pardoning various members of the Eagles than protecting our
national treasures.


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