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(TV) Squeeze

Hi MMer's

I suggest we stop right here and declare Leo a saint!

BTW, I happen to like Squeeze, but just barely, they do have some good "POP" 
songs and they are great for what they were intended for. The first four 
albums: "UK Squeeze"; "Cool For Cats"; "Argybargy" and "East Side Story" were 
good albums for their times. But they were NOT intended as a thinking man's 
music, they were intended more as partying type music. Squeeze fit very well 
into the "New Wave" along with other great bands like the Cars; B-52's; and 
Talking Heads (OK, I know they really do belong with the New York punk scene, 
but they also fit at the same time with the quirky bright New Wave scene).

So when I read the Squeeze reference, I knew what you were driving at. I 
think you picked a good example, but there are many to choose from.

There have been manyatimes, I've gone to a show with someone and I didn't 
know the music and I would say 75% of the time, I really enjoyed it and 
became a fan myself (or at least an admirer).

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