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Re: (TV) U-2 & Television a Stretch?

on 8/24/01 9:28 AM, esgregory at esgregory@qwest.net wrote:

> ya know, this issue opens up a big bag of my own reservations, hesitations
> when it comes to the verlaine-dominated tv (& as far as this list goes, i

I know what your saying...More than anything, I would love to see a
Verlaine/Hell/Television Reunion. But where would Fred Smith be? I also
enjoy Hell's singing a lot more than Verlaine's, but it would be unrealistic
to expect Tom to only play guitar. That would be very cool though, one
singer, one bassist, two guitarists, and a drummer...much like the MC5.
But then again, I've never seen Hell jump without a instrument in his hand.
They probably would resemble the Kinks or something. Well, whatever...a
good, new recording of all their old songs together would do it for me.
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