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(TV) Television Delivers the Goods

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From: esgregory <esgregory@qwest.net>

> i'm sitting here in portland oregon 2001 &
> nearly every time i go out to see a live 'underground' show (& damn
> it's a SHOW), i'm looking at a stage featuring a buncha dudes & dudettes,
> standing still more oft than not, looking away, upwards, down....anywhere
> but in to the eyes of the audience....& i'm almost disgusted...primarily
> bored beyond belief.
> & i can't help but think verlaine had a hand in setting this prototype
> down....obviously i can't 'blame' the cat, but as much as i love
> i'd rather see little richard (yep, even today) or somebody/anybody who
> knows that passion is as much theatre as it is belief....

s'funny Eric when i saw TV play recently i really didn't mind that there was
very little actual movement on stage as the musical interplay was just so
damn thrilling/exciting - i do get yer point all the same tho i think it's
more to do with the fact that there's just a surfeit of complete dullards
out there passing themselves off as underground/indie these days - you just
wonder where these people get the nerve from to get up onstage in the first
place-they must think if they've assumed/ appropriated Verlaine's look/
stance then they must somehow be as cool and as talented as the man himself
by some wierd kind of osmosis...

let's face it.... if the music's not happening ain't any amount of jumping
around or posing that'll ever disguise it

love that phrase "passion is as much theatre as it is belief" - brings to
mind images/sounds of fave bands such as Dexy's Midnight Runners/The
Clash/The Who/MC5/Dolls in their pomp...
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