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Re: (TV) TV Reading List

on 8/24/01 11:00 AM, Dan Jones at dnljns@hotmail.com wrote:
> So what do ya think? Just who was that 12th century poet that could rhyme
> rats to death anyway. (Just another Verlaine journalist wind-up, maybe?)

Sounds like a Catholic story to me...
I don't know anything really about Verlaine's literary influcences (except
Symbolism), since it's hard to find him talking about anything (but I guess
I'm not really looking hard enough). Just on his website, Richard Hell at
least acknowledges most of the great poets and writers by directing people
to their websites (maybe an endorsement, maybe not).
> PS. In Richard Hell's "Notes" book he mentioned that Tom wrote a sci-fi
> novel called "25th Century". Did that ever see the light of day?
> D

I haven't spotted any of his writings see the light of day (unless they're
relate to music somehow).
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