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(TV) TV Reading List


As the list seems to be in full flow about TV on TV and TV on film I thought I ought to inject a little literary element. I'm kind of low on ideas about what books to read at the moment and I get a bit tetchy if I don't have anything to work my way through.

Then it struck me, compile a TV reading list. I don't mean books about Verlaine et al, I mean books that we know Verlaine, Hell, Lloyd have read and like. I've already read the usual suspects, Rimbaud, Verlaine et al. And Dicky Hell's ravings about JK Husyman's A Rebours (Against Nature) led me to pick that up and I can heartly recommend it.

So what do ya think? Just who was that 12th century poet that could rhyme rats to death anyway. (Just another Verlaine journalist wind-up, maybe?)

PS. In Richard Hell's "Notes" book he mentioned that Tom wrote a sci-fi novel called "25th Century". Did that ever see the light of day?


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