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(TV) Blue Oyster Cult (BOC)

From:    joseph-k@swbell.net (Ken Thompsen)

>In the past I've been skeptical about BOC, but the other day a friend played
>their first album for me. I was knocked out, they were actually a cool band!
>It reminded me of Television in the sense that they were not basing their
>music too much on the blues. Does anyone know anything about their early
>years in New York? I know of the connections with TV, the Lanier demos, and
>Patti Smith, but was BOC a part of the New York thing at all. Or were they
>another Kiss or something?

I don't know much about the actual scene, since I discovered BOC back in 76,
in fact, they were my first rock concert that I ever went to, so after that
there was no turning back. BOC was more of a Long Island band, where I'm
from, than a New York City band. So as far as I know they weren't part of the
Dolls, Television, Ramones scene. But, I'm curious too how they actually got
involved with Patti and Television myself. One major connection might be that
before BOC signed up with Columbia, they recorded with Television's label,
Elektra, under various other names as Oaxaca; Stalk-Forest Group and Soft
White Underbelly before becoming BOC. This is where they probably heard of

BOC is a great great live band I've seen them about a dozen times between '76
and '83 a very professional band with or without theatrics (lasers, a
life-sized Godzilla, etc.). AWESOME. The band formed in 69 around Stony Brook
and released their unique debut in 72. All their recordings from 72 to 82 was
worth listening to. In 83 and after their material was terrible. The band
just didn't know how to make viable music during the New Wave / MTV era.
Compilations after compilations of greatest hits were released and finally
after 10 years of silence, but constant touring, they released a new decent
album last year called, Heaven Forbid, and this year, they released, The
Curse Of The Hidden Mirror, and now there's a new single on radio playlist
called "Pocket".

As far as the Kiss comment goes. I'd say just like we think of Television as
a thinking man's punk band, Talking Heads a thinking man's new wave band, BOC
a thinking man's metal band.

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