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Re: (TV) Rock Star Clothes

It's interesting the see Tom's various 'styles', and how they connect with
the music he's playing at the time.  When I think of Tommy, I only ever
think of the music he's turning out, because at a glance, there doesn't seem
to be much of an aesthetic style to him.  Certainly not like KISS (wanker
band) or even the Ramones (really cool).  There is style there.  It's very
sublime.  Sometimes it compliments, other times there's quite the contrast.

Take, for example, the contrast of Flashlight era Tom: all dressed in black,
with artiste beret, yet playing (to my ear's anyway) some of his most
hard-driving rock 'n' roll songs.  To me, Flashlight has always had a
certain 'country' tinge to it, yet he's all done up like a Paris poet.
Anyone agree/disagree?'

In the Marquee Moon/Adventure era they didin't have to dress up 'cause they looked so f***ing good anyway. More TV clothing trivia: a journalist friend of mine (he's very much old than me) got to interview Richard Lloyd back in -90 in a swedish magazine. he was almost afraid of him cause he was rather cold and hostile. until my friend asked him about the red jacket on the "Adventure cover". richard began smiling and telling about his fave jacket and then he was in a better mood...


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