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(TV) Blue Oyster Cult

I've been a big fan since their first album in 1972
and have seen them perform a bunch of times, ranging
from Central Park in '73 to a free show last fall down
here in Fort Lauderdale.  Based on the show last year,
I thought their playing was as good as ever.  They
have a different drummer and bass player, who replaced
the long gone Bouchard brothers.

I think the first three BOC albums (eponymous, Tyranny
and Mutation, Secret Treaties) stand up with the best
American hard rock of he '70s.  They were a sharp band
with great lyrics.  Their heavy metal side image was
always much of a pose.

The band went through several pre-BOC incarnations
(dating back to the mid'60s) , with a more psychedelic
sound.  I can recommend the Stalk-Forrest Group
release that Rhino Handmade put out a few months ago. 
Seems like when they made the transition to BOC, they
basically punched up the rhythm section and speed.

For history on the band go to www.blueoystercult.com

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