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Re: (TV) TV Reading List

At 4:00 PM -0400 8/24/01, Dan Jones wrote:
I'm kind of low on ideas about what books to read at the moment and I get a bit tetchy if I don't have anything to work my way through.

Two recent reads: Anthony Bourdain's _Kitchen Confidential_, which is a hoot, and even mentions Hell and TV as selections on his daily mix tape. And Neil Baldwin's _Man Ray: American Artist_, the biography of my fave painter/photographer/filmmaker (_L'itoile de mer_ and _Emak Bakia_, of course, are part of the film soundtracks shows).

I mean books that we know Verlaine, Hell, Lloyd have read and like.

As far as any of them _liking_ those two books, I dunno. Hell obviously likes Lautreamont's _Maldaror_, but...I dunno. Didn't do it for me. (Philistine, I know...) Props too to Eric G. for pointing this out as well.

I have some Perec (_Species of Spaces and other pieces_), Ed Ruscha (_They Called Her Styrene_), and the new James Tate lined up, though. Talking Heads were apparently Ruscha fans, having used his _Sand in the Vaseline_ painting for the cover of the collection of the same name. And James Tate apparently digs David (Silver Jews) Berman's collection _Actual Air_, which I haven't picked up yet.

And I really dug _Our Band Could Be Your Life_ by...Michael Azzrad? Something like that. Just came out in hardback, good cross-section of a sample of the 80s indie band culture.

Maurice Rickard
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