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Re: (TV) tv on tv

> I have a hazy memory of seeing Verlaine playing live on a British-import TV 
> show (I can't remember what it was called!)around the time of 'Flashlight'. 
> He played a super-killer extended solo on 'Bomb'.

That was on The Tube. There were two songs - 'A Town Called 
Walker' or 'Cry Mercy Judge' and 'Bomb'. I think it was 'ATCW'. The 
backing band wasn't Fred, Jimmy and JD, but an English band. He 
stopped the first song, disatisfied with the performance. 'Bomb' was 
great though. I've still got it somewhere, but the video is stored in 
London and I haven't seen it for about 10 years.

Tom was also on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1982 at the time of 
the gigs at The Venue in London. He did Days On The Mountain. If 
memory serves correct the song was split into two parts. 

I'd forgotten about the Spanish thing. I don't have this, but it is a live 


"Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronology" by Cliff McLenehan
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