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(TV) Leo said.... (no TV)

Leo wrote:

 (When I was
in Graduate school there was a humanities professor who had
a reputation for not reading much more than the beginning
and end of all his students term papers, so once on a dare,
several of us placed a string of expletives in the middle pages
- ----puerile stuff along the lines of "... this results in the coefficient
of correlation being 0.68, and then they fucked, which means the
two variables can not be independent ...".)

Hah! In my high school advanced placement biology class, the teacher required us to do a little paper every week. It was a royal pain. After it was rumored that all he looked for was how many graphs you had included, I tried a little experiment: I stuck the words "baboon's rear end" in the middle of a paper (no, not on primatology) and used a graph that I had taken from a scotch ad purporting to show that this brand of scotch became less diluted when served on the rocks than did other brands. (I still have no idea how that's possible.) The teacher never noticed.

But why were you referring to correlation coefficients in a humanities paper?

Leo also wrote:
Given my recent efficiency and the prodigious amounts of
silly government work I have now finished, I am able to take the rest of today off from my job and go with brother and niece to the zoo (no jokes please) in Providence,

Be sure to see the naked mole rats! (Also the tawny frogmouth.)

- Jesse
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