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(TV) a weird surreal moment @ the EMP show

Back when Television played the Seattle EMP there was a very strange funny
moment that had nothing to do with the band actually. My friend and I were
standing/sitting way in back and to the side of the stage (where we had a
fine view BTW) where upon out of the audience emerged this convoy of about
five or six very grizzled, bent-over, very senior citizens, making their way
out of the crowd as fast as their weary legs could take them. It was weird.
Where did these really old people come from ? Why were they at a Television
concert ? I wasn't dreaming this , was I ? It occurred to me that maybe they
were visiting the "museum" part of the EMP and they got off course and they
somehow ended up in the Sky Church where TV was performing . They looked
scared .
- Russ
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