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RE: (TV) TV as later-day Skinny Orson Welles / Just One! - A Verl aine Rant Dennis Miller Would be Proud of

Musician Magazine, 1987. I recall typing that up for the old site, but if Keith doesn't have it, I can dig it up.


At 3:55 PM -0400 8/23/01, Cameron Pulley wrote:
I remember an
article from 1987, that began with a story about Verliane being pulled over
in a 1965 Plymouth ragtop, driving through Alabama(?) without a driver
license.  He went to court and the judge asked him what he did for a living,
and Verlaine said: "I'm a song-writer."  The judge replied, "You should
write a song about this." > Cry Mercy, Judge

Does anyone else remember that one?  I thought it was on Tom Wisner's old
site, but it's not on Keith's, or is it?
Maurice Rickard
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