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Re: (TV) a weird surreal moment @ the EMP show

In message <006c01c12d23$fc1c4160$e209bbd0@default>, Michael Olcsvary
<olcsvary@icehouse.net> writes
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Russ Van Rooy"
>out of the audience emerged this convoy of about  five or six very grizzled,
>bent-over, very senior citizens, making their way > out of the crowd as fast
>as their weary legs could take them. 

Wasn't that Lou Reed and his entourage - still smuggling tape recorders
into Television gigs...?

On the subject of old Lou, this month's MOJO gives a huge thumbs-up and
an interesting review to The Quine Tapes.


Keith Allison
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