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(TV) The Horror (OT) / Scorsese's use of Rock / Scorpio Rising / Tie t o TV

> i'd have to agree it's great use (hell, it's a great
> song, pompous crits to the contrary)...but scorsese
> really pioneered the technique & coppola's employment
> of it comes off a bit weaker with that knowledge...tho
> it don't diminish it's full power
> sidenote:kenneth anger probably used this technique
> first in american cinema with "scorpio rising"

> jaypontrelli@yahoo.com writes:
> And, of course, the use of the
> Doors' "The End" is unquestionably the 
> greatest use of 
> popular music in cinema history (IMHO).  

I have to agree with Eric-------especially Scorsese "Mean
Streets" (e.g., its use of Cream's live 14 minute plus version
of the Freddie King song "Hideaway" during a brutal scene 
towards the end of film".  

I also agree with what Eric said about K. Anger's "Scorpio 
Rising" being the first, but since I haven't seen in it in a while
I forget the specific songs Anger employed.  Wasn't there a 
Phil Specter /Crystals' song during a motorcycle gang initiation
scene featuring lots of peanut butter and naked flesh, (and 
another scene with a boyish Civil War soldier lost in the
future walking out to the outfield in Yankee Stadium)? 

This whole topic of including "Apocalypse Now Redux" brings
up once again how it's a shame Television's / TV's music has 
not been used in the past (for "good" [use your own definition] 
films), or that Tom couldn't pick up some 'serious change' 
scoring future films for "interesting" directors.  TV could then 
plow some of his 'change' back into his own musical projects
including the release of all those albums he's recorded over 
the years that he can't find a record company to release on
his terms.  (Tom could also then buy that ranch he's lusted
after, and invite all us List members over for beers (no Colt 45
Malt Liquor) though.  


PS :  Possible new MM List thread:  scenes from past movies
for which Television/Verlaine song(s) "FILL IN THE BLANK(S)"  
would have been a great match of film sight and sound (or a 
scene in a movie not yet shot that exists in your imagination
 that would use the Television/TV song "xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx"


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