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RE: (TV) The Horror (OT) / Scorsese's use of Rock / Scorpio Risin g / Tie t o TV

PS :  Possible new MM List thread:  scenes from past movies
for which Television/Verlaine song(s) "FILL IN THE BLANK(S)"  
would have been a great match of film sight and sound (or a 
scene in a movie not yet shot that exists in your imagination
 that would use the Television/TV song "xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx"
The long build-up solo of Marquee Moon, during the car chase in Bullitt (a
little cliche maybe).

Of course, I still want to use Warm and Cool in my western, but I have no
money for film.  One day, though, one day...
("Spiritual" playing - dusk - the cowboy and his girl walking through a
field by a stream, like a documentary)

My understanding was that Colt .45 worked every time.  Now what's wrong with
that I ask?
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