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(TV) RE: Television & TV Footage/ Pretty Ballerina / Feeler on Volunte ers

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OwenGwilliam  Friday, August 24, 2001 4:31 PM, said, 

> Do we want to try to make a concerted effort to distribute
> some of these tapes among the other listers? There's a 
> shop > here in town that does PAL NTSC dubbing 
> (and vice versa), so the format different wouldn't be an issue. 
> What'd'ya think?

Then Nick responded:  
> Sounds absolutely great to me, considering I have no such
>  footage. ;) Even > better would be if we could get it all together 
> and then find someone to dump > it to video CD (all I've got for
> movies etc. right now is my DVD-ROM drive on > my computer), 
> but I guess that's pushing it. It'd be nice to have a tape of 
> this stuff going around...I recall that a Violent Femmes fanlist put 
> together a "video compilation" sort of tape and it apparently got 
> distributed well among those on the list. Considering one of the
>  favorite bands of MMers is also fronted by a guy with a geeky 
> voice, > should be a snap, right? 

I'm afraid it would be more than 'a snap'. I don't want these two 
e-mails from you two about this idea to slip between the cracks, 
and it seems such a shame not to be able to get this footage
(or some portion of it) together.

I would be willing to put some time and energy into trying to organize
such a  *CONCERTED* effort for one of the above (or other possible)

I stress the word "Concerted" for several reasons, not the least is that
I also have *NO* Television / TV footage except for the tiny snippets 
from the Robert Palmer written 8-part rock-unmentary on tv (PBS) 
around 1997 -------with its 5 seconds of Television circa- 1975 (with 
Hell, I believe) jumpin' around on stage (but footage has no sound), 
and the Verlaine very short interview from same rockumentary. 

I also remember seeing a great Verlaine promotional video for the
album "Flash Light", specifically, for "A Town Called Walker" in 
which TV was walking thru city alleys singing this song while 
accompanied by a woman dressed in a ballerina outfit. 
(Was that you Ms. SecretX ?!?)  I remember contacting fellow List 
member, Per Rosen, off-list last year about trying to secure a copy
of this video from him, but the European video/voltage[?] standards
among other obstacles prevented us from consummating anything. 

*Anyone* interested in working on this with me even in a small way
OR/AND temporarily loaning any video footage of Television/ TV from
which someone would make a compilation and then copies, 
OR having any ideas or advice (even if advice involves warnings 
about the impracticality or potential difficulties involved with of such 
an undertaking ), please contact me off-list.  

Depending on the whether there's enough 
volunteered-footage/help/interest, I might spring for fronting some of 
the expenses involved given the huge financial remuneration that I 
receive as a government employee/"public servant".

Obviously, if there's not much interest, or if I receive an e-mail 
which lays out the absurd obstacles involved, then I'll drop it.

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