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RE: (TV) The Horror (OT)

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>From: chelsea girl
>i dunno -- i respect _apocalypse now_ but i like the
"let's do the madison" scene in _band of outsiders_
better.  and then there's that whole opening sequence
of _ghost world_...

Band Of Outsiders is one of my absolute faves, especially the scene you
mentioned. It's the reason I hated Pulp Fiction. If anyone out there has not
seen this 1964(?) classic, there is a new theatrical re-release on the
art-house circuit and you should go go go.

And Ghost World, yes, that opening sequence: what the hell was that footage?
Did they credit the original filmmaker? I'm a big fan of the comic
(Eightball), loved the movie (it was shot in my neighborhood!) and I really
need an Enid doll because, well, I love her. Dennis, go see Ghost World

Also, I'll take Mean Streets over Apocalypse Now any day (it's much shorter)
especially 'Be My Baby' and 'Rubber Bisquit'. I loved how Scorcese used Van
Morrison's T.B Sheets as basically the theme to Bringing Out The Dead.
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