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RE: (TV) The Horror (OT)

--- gregg luvoxx <murderedman@earthlink.net> wrote:
> mentioned. It's the reason I hated Pulp Fiction. If
but did you like _simple men_?  

> And Ghost World, yes, that opening sequence: what
> the hell was that footage?
it was an indian musical from the 1960s -- either the
song or the film was called "jaan nepechactan ho".  i
know gw creator dan clowes was a big fan of the movie
(and they had to get credit to use it in the film), so
i would imagine it's credited somewheres...

> need an Enid doll because, well, I love her. 
i got one for a friend of mine because he kinda looks
like miz enid.  it's hard to explain, but i think
she's his sister.  

> Also, I'll take Mean Streets over Apocalypse Now
and i'd take _nashville_ over both of them!  hey,
isn't tom in that one...? ;)

"when it comes to big openings,
                   a LOT of people think of me."  
    chelsea the mod pixie*http://www.pixievision.com

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