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(TV) hal hartley

--- gregg luvoxx <murderedman@earthlink.net> 
> Which Hal Hartley movie had
> that band sequence (the band was The Great Outdoors)
> where the characters
> just sort of wander through the performance and
> there's a girl dancing way
> in the background? 
_surviving desire_.  

> Who is The Great Outdoors?
the songwriter hub moore, who also wrote songs for
_the unbelievable truth_, _trust_, and _henry fool_
(and who played with him in the band ryful), and
whoever was in the room.  now hub has a band and two
cds, which you can buy from www.hubmoore.com.  the
sound is reminiscent of what luna would sound like if
they were fronted by paul westerburg.  good stuff,

"when it comes to big openings,
                   a LOT of people think of me."  
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