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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #473

On movies and music:

The Passion according to St Matthew in the beginning of "Casino."
"My Way" in "Sid and Nancy."
"Cosmic Dancer" in the beginning of "Billy Elliot."  Can't think of any
other right now.  I think Richard mentioned that he almost did the
soundtrack for a Scorsese movie, but I don't know which one.

On "Real Time" and "Field of Fire" -- I have always thought that the sound
on Real Time is really messed up -- it's kind of like listening to a good
album with a really lousy sound system.  On "Field of Fire," I like "Black
to White" and "Field of Fire."

On "Torn Shirt" -- I think that it's more about a certain attitude and a
certain experience than about any person in particular.  I can't imagine
that the lyrics describe any real person, it would be gossipy, and that's
just not Richard -- unless it's a self-deprecating sort of funny vignette...
I like that song a lot, because it rocks!
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