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Re: (TV) spam, sorta

This is heresy! "Mars" is one of my favorite tracks on the LP. My lone gripe
with the 1992 LP are the incredibly laid-back, restrained vocals from Verlaine;
it's great to hear him finally cut loose on "Mars". (I like "Big Jo" from the
French EP for the same reason - his vocal is all over the place). Also love the
main descending guitar riff on "Mars" - very distinctive.

I agree that "This Tune" is a bit slight; it's also too similar to "Beauty
Trip" on first listen.

BTW, Keith, does your copy of TELEVISION really have a track called "Shane, He
Wrote This Letter"? (http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/televis.htm)

Sorry, I couldn't resist...


--- Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> In message <20010828230303.71858.qmail@web9305.mail.yahoo.com>, chelsea
> girl <pxe2000@yahoo.com> writes
> > 
> >np: television, 1992.  am i weird or are the last two
> >tracks subpar?  
> ...the last track certainly is...

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