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(TV) Lloyd: "Real Time" & "Field of Fire" Albums

I agree with Hsu about the sound quality of 
"Real Time".  

Despite a couple of deprecating comments
by me to the List in the past about Richard's
solo albums (e.g., sometimes a bit of weak 
song writing and vocals), I've always loved 
his album "Field of Fire."  I've especially love 
Richard's guitar playing and heart-felt/soulful
vocals on "Pleading" and on the title track, 
"Field of Fire".  

Emilie Hsu [ehsu@mindspring.com] said: 
> On movies and music:
>  .... I think Richard mentioned that he almost 
> did the soundtrack for a Scorsese movie, but
>  I don't know which one.

Anyone know anything more about this?!?
I'd really be interested in hearing more details
about Richard & Scorsese (or about any other 
soundtrack work Richard almost got or may get).

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