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Re: (TV) Lloyd: "Real Time" & "Field of Fire" Albums

I haven't heard REAL TIME, but hearing FIELD OF FIRE as the *first* solo album
by a member of Television (not including Richard Hell's stuff) really scared me
off for a while. I vastly prefer ALCHEMY and the stuff on the new LP (which,
admittedly, I've only heard live) to REAL TIME. FOF just sounds (or, at least
in my memory, sounded) so un-Television-like.


--- "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> Despite a couple of deprecating comments
> by me to the List in the past about Richard's
> solo albums (e.g., sometimes a bit of weak 
> song writing and vocals), I've always loved 
> his album "Field of Fire."  

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