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RE: (TV) ghost world/out of the blue

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>From: chelsea girl
>another strange girls-in-punk movie: _times square_.
the more mainstream nyc punks show up on the
soundtrack (no tv, again -- sob! -- but the talking
heads are there and the ramones' music is a big plot

Patti Smith's 'Pissing In The River' is used to great effect. I have the
soundtrack. 'Your Daughter Is One' is classic
 >the film itself is a long screed of
unintentional humour, though the two leads are good.
Trini Alvarado, what can I say? I will always love Trini Alvarado- such an
incredibly talented actress and singer, and not nearly as famous as she
should be.  http://us.imdb.com/Name?Alvarado,+Trini
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