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Re: (TV) Snares - Visconti -76!

From: "Karl W. Reinsch" <karl@rockin-r.net>
On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Per Rosin wrote:
> > >
> > >(For me the gated snare first appeared on Low and it sounded really
> > >innovative and BIG. But who really invented it, I don't remember? Anyone
> > >knows? Was it Phil Collins in his Brand X days, or...?)
> > >
> >Steve Lillywhite and Peter Gabriel on PG's third album (according to
> >Bibi, anyway, in her Stones story)
> >-------------
> Don't think so. Havn't read Bibis' story, but Low was recorded in -76 and
> released in early -77. Gabriels 3rd was released in -80.

Mark Cunningham's book pins the credit (or blame) on Hugh Padgham, Peter
Gabriel and Phil Collins. The track is "Intruder" from Peter Gabriel's
third solo album (melting face cover).

Thanks Karl, but this was still three(!) years after Low. So where did Visconti/Davies/Bowie get the idea for the sound from. (Think I have to refresh my Bowie. Hey, Philip, you use to be updated!!!)


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