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Re: (TV) unbelievably on topic for once

Quite a nice gift, Ray!

Yes, it was given away with copies of TELEVISION in FNAC stores (in France). 

It contains three tracks:
1. The Revolution (3:13)
2. Big Jo (0:35)
3. Hoo (4:56)

"The Revolution" also appears on THE MILLER'S TALE. "Big Jo" is pretty
forgettable, while "Hoo" is similar to "The Revolution", but wilder.

I finally got a copy of this disc in August after spending years looking for
it; it's probably the rarest Television-related music release out there.


--- OwenGwilliam@cs.com wrote:
> I think THE REVOLUTION was a promo-only CD single that came out around the 
> time of the '92 album. Right? (he says looking for others to chime in ...)

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