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(TV) The MOJO Top Punk list

The song I'd suggest as one of the great lost punk classics that's off the
map as far as things like Mojo Top 100's go is the Leftovers (also known as
the Fucken Leftovers) "Cigarettes and Alcohol". They came out of Brisbane,
Australia around '76 or '77 but couldn't release a single till around '79
... this track came out with equally brilliant I Only Panic When There's
Nothin To Do.
definitely worth a listen

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Subject: (TV) "when i reach for my revolver" & the MOJO top 100 list (OT)

| both lisa & joe thought mission of burma's "that when i reach for my
| revolver" should have been on MOJO's top 100 punk singles.  i agree. it's
| great song. except, my copy of "revolover" is on a 12". & didn't MOJO only
| include 7" singles? therefore, i'd suggest "academy fight song" by mission
| of burma instead.
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