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(TV) Distinctions! / Listers too polite? / Blues

In message <193.30a37a9.29b000b5@aol.com>, Run35@aol.com writes

>I have to cut Eric Clapton some slack besides being a former junkie he loses 
>his only son in a freak horrible accident. 

Hey, Lisa,with all due respect, you are totally confusing the person/artist 
and the "art" they create.  There's a huge distinction between Clapton the 
human being (family) man and Clapton the musician!   I can emphathize with 
him for his loss, but that doesn't mean I don't have the right or can't 
criticize the aural garbage he's been putting out for the last 20 years.  
And Yeah, some Cream's stuff was good and Clapton's playing with John 
Mayall had real passion, but the guy's been freakin' coasting since 1973.  

Keith said: 
>This is true but at the risk of appearing crass here (who, me?) if I'd
>lost my son in a terrible accident I don't think I'd have made a best-
>selling song out of it, would you?

I could not agree with you more.

By the way, I think Listers are getting way too worried about not offending 
other Listers' musical tastes. I think it's been quite interesting--even 
exciting and informative when people diagree about music. 

As noted by the MM List FAQs:  "...don't personally attack other list 
members (e.g., 'your taste in music sucks' is OK, but 'you and your
people suck' is not)."

In that light---InMyHumbleOpinion:  a person who believes Clapton has put out 
any good, passionate music during the 1980s-90s has rotten musical taste.  
BB King once was great, but for a very long time is usually a parady of 
himself, or worse yet churns out watered-down, easy to swallow blues for people 
who wouldn't know the blues if they tripped over it, e.g., the people who go to see 
him on the strip in Las Vegas.  (I might even say BB is the Kenny G of the Blues, 
but that might be in poor taste.)  

If you want to hear some real blues playing with real passion I suggest Mississipi 
Fred McDowell's many records--especially the cd, "I Do Not Play No Rock n'Roll".  

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