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(TV) 'Passion is no ordinary word'

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Subject: (TV) Echo (Round 1)
>Leo, Who's going to be helping you in your corner?

Ms Secret X and Patti Smith.

>Of course, a lot of the more popular post punk bands: Joy Division, Bauhaus, 
>The Smiths, U2, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Erasure, The Waterboys, etc. are all 
>favorites of mine too, but they don't touch my soul the way Echo, The Doors, 
>and Television did. All have some of that "arty" aspect to them and some may 
>be an acquired taste. But they all share something in common.

I'm not as mono-maniacal or old fashioned in my musical taste as some may think.  
E.g., I have nothing against the Neo-psychedelic school/movement in general, but 
instead of E& the B I prefer people like:  Julian Cope's solo stuff (especially 
"World Shut Your Mouth" and the song 'Charlotte'), The Smiths/Morrissey/J. Marr, 
The Rain Parade, The Comsat Angels, The Chameleons (UK), The Dream Academy [but 
not The Dream Syndicate!], Died Pretty, The Three O'Clock, True West, The Go-Betweens, 
The Railroad Children, New Order, The Plimsouls, Galaxie 500, and The 
Chesterfields---although I may be mixing-up genres by listing the last 4 or 5.   
(But under the category, 'Check Please, In The Dumpster, Flush It':  anything 
by Peter Murphy).   

>I can understand you not liking Echo because it isn't your cup of tea.
>But I think it goes further than just an acquired taste for you, there seems 
>to be some hostility or anger. Why?

Seriously, I guess I just tend to have strong and passionate opinions about both 
the things I like and the things I dislike (it sometimes get's me into trouble, 
but it's a trade-off I've always been willing to make).  I don't believe I am a 
hostile or angry person, although I probably will always harbor some residual 
resentment for musicians/groups who don't have one-tenth of the talent and artistry 
of Television/TV but who receive[d] commercial success or critical acclaim (e.g., 
REM or your beloved E & the Bunnymen).  Finally, I guess I also find some truth in 
what the critic John Simon once said:  "You can not love the good unless 
you hate the bad."

>I remember that I couldn't find the album for several years after its 
>release. But I also remember reading here that MM was never out of print. 
>Which is it?

I'm pretty sure the vinyl MM went out of print by very early 1980s, but 
as far as the cd version goes I'm not sure---maybe someone on List can tell us?

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