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Re: (TV) 'Passion is no ordinary word'

did you mean the chesterfield kings?
i don't ask to correct, but to engage...the above were
from my hometown & were a great inspiration to me.

& hear hear to the p murphy...i'll jump off the cliff
hand in hand with you on that one, leo.
& tho yr fave j cope material seems to me to be the
least interesting of his many guises/variants, i'd say
i'm a bigger cope fan than i am bunnymen....cope's
influences were more across the board & weirder.
& so is/was he.
> Chesterfields---although I may be mixing-up genres
> by listing the last 4 or 5.   
> (But under the category, 'Check Please, In The
> Dumpster, Flush It':  anything 
> by Peter Murphy).   

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