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Re: (TV) Echo (Round 2) / Counter-punching

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From: "Maurice Rickard" <maurice@mac.com>
> NP: Chris Bell, _I Am the Cosmos_ (still!),

Yeah , got that CD after recommendations on this list and forgot to say what
I thought .

This was one of those situations where you get an album by an artist you've
not been familiar with before and had no real prior knowledge except perhaps
read the name . And you listen to the album and it sounds like something
you';ve loved all your life .

Honestly , I listened to this record the first time and I felt like I'd been
listening to it for 20 years .
Maybe it was the very late hour I chose to put it on ( 2am ) perhaps it was
the photograph on the sleeve ( shot from a very high mountain ).

It just had a hugely familiar feel to it .
Perhaps I played on it in a previous life .

I get vietnam flashbacks you see ! Sorry

Thanks for the recommendation Maurice , if it was you :-)
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