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Re: (TV) Ivan Julian

Just received this from the Willie Nile newsletter
Ivan Julian is a featured guitarist in the following gig.


March 15th gig

Willie and The Worry Dolls will be playing tomorrow night at The Mercury
Lounge in New York City at 8 PM.
Located on Houston and Avenue A, 212-260-4700, there are some tickets held
for walk up customers.
Willie, Rich Pagano, Brad Albetta and Andy York will go on at 8 PM and Rogues
March will go on after that. 

A copy of the Rogues March press release with more details appears after this
Willie will be singing Where The Streets Have No Name with the review later
in the show.
Come by if you can. Spread the word.

Les and Les Izmore

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that Rogue's March are throwing 
their St 
Patrick's Day extravaganza, with the 3rd Annual All Star Irish Rock 
on Friday, March 15th at the Mercury Lounge,217 E Houston, NYC.(212 260 
4700)Tickets are selling fast for the show, so if you plan on 
attending, we 
strongly recommend purchasing advance tix now.(Mercury Lounge Box 
Office, or 
through Ticketweb.com 212 269 4849)Willie Nile and the Worry Dolls will 
appearing at 8pm followed by Rogue's March, and then the Irish Rock 
featuring 30 of NY's finest singers performing the songs of Thin Lizzy, 
The Pogues, Dexys, Undertones, SLF, Costello, Waterboys, etc. For a 
list of the guest singers, please go to the GIGS section of 
www.roguesmarch.com...This Annual event,sponsored by Guinness(with 
all night),has fast become the only way to kick off St Patrick's 
For this show, the band will also feature guest guitarists Ivan 
Julian(Matthew Sweet,the Voidoids,etc) and Jon Spurney(Hedwig, 
Bewilderbeest), fiddle player Claudia Chopek, and backing vocalists 
Tish and 
Snooky. We hope to see you there. Cheers.

Rogue's March/Irish Rock Revue Fri Mar 15th-Tix going fast
The night will be hosted by Joe Hurley and Ed Rogers.Hope to see you 
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