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Re: (TV) Guitars

Anyone know anything about Pete Cosey? Played with Miles Davis in
the 70s, been listening to a lot of his stuff. Sounds like Robert
Quine meets Hendrix in a fuzzbox.

It wouldn't surprise me if Quine's aware of him.  What Miles discs
does he play on?

Cosey is indeed cool.  The AMG lists him playing on:

Billy Boy Arnold Back Where I Belong (1993) Bass
Fontella Bass Rescued: The Best of Fontella Bass (1992)Guitar
Philip Cohran and the... On the Beach Guitar
Miles Davis Get Up With It (1972) Guitar
Miles Davis Dark Magus (1974) Guitar
Miles Davis Pangaea (1975)Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion
Miles Davis Agharta (1975) Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion
Miles Davis/Bill Laswell Panthalassa (1998) Guitar
Miles Davis Live: Olympia 7-11-73 (2001)Guitar
Herbie Hancock Future Shock (1983)Guitar
Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf Album (1969)Guitar
John Klemmer Magic Moments (1969)Guitar
John Klemmer Priceless Jazz (1999)Guitar
Rotary Connection Rotary Connection (1967)Guitar
Shel Silverstein Crouching on the Outside (1971)Guitar
Billy Stewart Greatest Sides (1987)Guitar
Billy Stewart One More Time: The Chess Years (1990)Guitar
Billy Stewart 20th Century Masters - The... (2000)Guitar
Muddy Waters Electric Mud (1968)Guitar
Muddy Waters After the Rain (1969)Guitar

This reminds me that I have yet to hear Agharta and Dark Magus. Who's heard these? How are they?



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