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Re: (TV) Blame it on Eddie OT

I know he's earnest and all those things , but he is honest and has turned
out some great records and is always true to his fans .
These are a few of the reasons I admire him .
He also conducted himself with grace and dignity through the whole Kurt
Cocaine business , which is more than can be said for C.Love .

Never really been a fan of that sort of music but have all pearl jam albums
just for THAT voice .
Shit on the banjo though ! :-)


'...the curtains are drawn , but the furniture is real...'
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From: "eric gregory" <crackcity_2000@yahoo.com>

> cept all those cats at the open mic wanna be him...

> > he's okay, no better than the 20 or so strummers at
> > the open mike
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