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Re: (TV) new songs

--- Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:
> As far as I know, they're Television songs.  I've never heard of
> the
> band doing solo material by any of the members.  They definitely
> had
> the twin guitar feel that I don't find in any of the solo stuff.

Right. Tom has always, much to his credit, kept the line between
Television and his solo career clearly defined. Most importantly, if
all four members aren't there, it isn't a Television show, ever. I
remember reading in FROM THE VELVETS TO THE VOIDOIDS that during the
few days in 1975 when Richard semi-quit (over his unhappiness with
"Little Johnny Jewel" being chosen as the debut single), Tom changed
posters for their upcoming show to read "The Tom Verlaine Band"
instead of "Television". Last year, when rumors first surfaced of
Television's UK shows, there was speculation that Richard might not
want to be involved (as his solo career had become quite busy), but
there was never any indication Television would perform without him
(if it could even be called 'Television' w/o Lloyd).

Really, the only exception are Tom's first three solo records, which
all have some reworked leftover Television material, but at the time
he recorded them he would have no reason to think Television might
ever reform. Actually, it'll be interesting to see if any of the
leftover material Tom used for those records - "Grip Of Love",
"Breakin' My Heart", "Red Leaves" (which borrows lyrics from
"Adventure" and the original "Kingdom Come"), "Last Night", "Hard on
Love" (which became "Without a Word"), or "What I Heard" (later
"Postcard From Waterloo") - ever resurfaces in a Television set. I
think it's unlikely (especially those last few!)


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