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(TV) Live Recordings - NYC/LA Shows; CD-R Tree for TV?

Regret I couldn't get to NYC for the shows, but appreciate the comments from
those that did attend.  Big question....did anyone record the show(s), or
know someone who did?  Also the LA show (even though it was not a great
show).  I'd love to get copies.

In a somewhat related matter, I finally got around to buying a CD burner.
Only took me a year to get around to it.  Life just keeps getting in the way
of my music hobby!  One of the things I would like to do is "tree" some of
the live Television recordings I have collected over the years.  I know some
of you have some of the shows, but a number of you might not have anything.
My thought is that I/we could pick a show, burn about 5 copies, distribute
those copies to "branches", and each branch would then burn 5 copies for
other "branches" and so forth, until anybody who wanted a copy could get

Due to work, family, blah blah blah, I don't have time to administer the
tree, but rather would act as the "seed" for the shows.   Does anyone out
there have the skills/time/desire to administer it?  The best model I know
of is the Dylantree site, which has over 5,000 members!  I think we would be
closer to a modest 100 members.

In addition, if someone wanted to get creative, a booklet, insert and labels
could be drawn up and posted on the web for downloading, in order to give
each show that "professional" bootleg apprearance.

So, any thoughts on this idea?  Good?  Bad? Indifferent?

And don't forget....I really want copies of the recent LA/NYC shows!


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