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Re: (TV) The Waterboys - "Some Of My Best Friends Are Trains"

--- Cliff McLenehan <klif@volny.cz> wrote:
> I got my first Television bootleg cassette from Marie who was Mike Scott's 
> girlfriend at the time. It was a copy of Arrow. I didn't see the actual vinyl
> until a year or two later. It came from Mike's collection. Must've been 
> 1981/2, when they first moved down to London. I later gave a copy to 
> Clinton Heylin who then sold it on to... No I made the last bit up. 

This is pretty funny! But Cliff, let me ask you: if it weren't for Heylin,
would stuff like THE MILLER'S TALE have ever come about? (Despite his
disparaging liner notes)

>From what I can tell, there's a lot of personal animosity against Heylin on
this list. But I've enjoyed three of his books tremendously and been introduced
to a fair amount of new music through him. He certainly raised the profile of a
lot of obscure/defunct artists and bands the members of this list enjoy.


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