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RE: (TV) TV's Global Fanbase / Minutiae: Stats skewed Minutiae

"Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> My understanding of the Global Fanbase site statistics
> was that they only included people who "register(ed)" at 
> the Global Fanbase website, and that it is not a 
> guesstimate of the actual number of fans of a particular band.  

Right.  But isn't that exactly what's wrong with the Internet
view of the world: "history started when I put up my web site".

> Also, there might not be that high a correlation between 
> actual number of fans for two bands , and the number of 
> registered fans for same two bands on the 
> site.  

Of course. It is self-selected survey and not a random sample of 
the relevant population. But it is being offered as an indicator of
global fan base, and therein lies the problem.

Also, it wouldn't surprise me if it did track current sales pretty 
accurately.  although to have sales you either have to have new fans
or new albums--new unit sales is the derivative of total albums in 
existence, right?--and this isn't accounted for.  (At least until all 
those aluminum CDs start to go bad in about 20 years or so...or they 
convince us all to switch to a new medium.)

Speaking of which, that seems to be the basic issue of Television:
shortage of new fans and of new albums.

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