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(TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues

I've noticed that this practice is also widespread on Yahoo Stores.

Anybody who has this experience should file a complaint with the 
Federal Trade Commission.  You can do so on-line:


It will never change unless people complain.

My understanding is that the seller is actually violating the law if 
they call it it "shipping" and then charge you more than the actual 
shipping costs--but I could not find this rule in a quick search.

For more info, especially on shipping delays and refunds, see "Business 
Persons Guide to the Mailorder and Telephone Merchandise Rule" (HTML):

This has some good general info on on-line auctions: "Internet Auctions: 
a Guide for Buyers and Sellers" (PDF, 416k):


"Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> Speaking of e-bay, I'm probably not telling 
> anyone on MM List anything they don't already 
> suspect, but I have made several purchases 
> both in USA and UK where the S&H (postal charge) 
> was ridiculously high.
> The sellers are making extra profit by inflating 
> the true mailing costs.
> Just to make this slightly on topic: 
> a couple of days ago I bought on e-bay 
> a Japanese pressing of the LP "Flash Light".
> The seller in UK charged me $8.00 SHIPPING 
> (no insurance included).  
> Even from USA e-bay sellers I've 
> frequently had to pay $4-5, 
> which is often more than I pay for 
> the item itself. 
> Do you [the mm list] think my complaint about 
> being overcharged for postal is unreasonable?	
> 	Leo 
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