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Re: (TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues

In message <B2D7C52AFC38D61181940004763B1B0A0CD750@vntmail03.volpe.dot.gov>, "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> writes
Do you [the mm list] think my complaint about
being overcharged for postal is unreasonable?

Nope. I got a TV item for 3 Euros (approx $3). A real bargain. With postage and packing it came to 15 Euros. No longer a bargain, I'd say. In fact, I didn't pay it as there was no indication in advance that it would be that ridiculous. After all, I only live 25 miles from 'Europe' and I know how much it really costs to post something there.
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