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(TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues

Speaking of e-bay, I'm probably not telling 
anyone on MM List anything they don't already 
suspect, but I have made several purchases 
both in USA and UK where the S&H (postal charge) 
was ridiculously high.

The sellers are making extra profit by inflating 
the true mailing costs.

Just to make this slightly on topic: 
a couple of days ago I bought on e-bay 
a Japanese pressing of the LP "Flash Light".
The seller in UK charged me $8.00 SHIPPING 
(no insurance included).  

Even from USA e-bay sellers I've 
frequently had to pay $4-5, 
which is often more than I pay for 
the item itself. 

Do you [the mm list] think my complaint about 
being overcharged for postal is unreasonable?	


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