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Re: (TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues

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From: "Mark G. Ryan" <mgryan@cruzio.com>

> "[william]" <3vs1@dccnet.com> wrote:
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> > going to de-lurk for a bit here.
> >
> > if you are interested in something on ebay that does not list
> > take advantage of the fact that you can write that member and ask them
> > advance for costs of shipping to your destination. if you don't like
> > response,then DON'T BID.
> This is the familiar conservative argument that perfect information
> should protect the buyer, e.g.,
> If you don't want to get spoiled meat at the market, you should
> ask them every time you buy "Is this meat spoiled"?

...ouch...this one hurt because i am a butcher :) by trade.

> If you don't want to get caught in a multi-level marketing
> scam, you should ask every time you get an offer "is this a
> multi-level marketing scam?"

....isn't this a little like saying ,"are you going to burn the casket we
just paid $2000 for in the cremation?" .i mean really ,those are a bit
beyond the realm of this discussion.

> Charging exoribant amounts for shipping in order to victimize the unwary
> is certainly a preditory and reprehensible practice.


> We are not talking about a few extra pennies: the examples were shipping
> charges several fold in excess of actual shipping charges.

...any time you buy something used,be it at a garage sale or an auction,you
are taking your chances. what i hoped to point out is that it is up to the
buyer to ask at least some questions before purchasing. i was burned only
once on shipping after i had agreed to buy a cd on ebay. from that point on
i always ask  "how much" if it is not stated in the description.

TIP:: keep any email correspondence that you may recieve from the seller on
what he/she may charge for shipping. it is nice to use in holding them to
their word.
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