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(TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues: Dildahl the Druid

"Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> The sellers are making extra profit by inflating 
> the true mailing costs.
Did anybody here read The_Green_Pearl by Jack Vance?
It's part 2 of a rather well-known fantasy series 
(the Lyonnesse trilogy)--one of the best examples of 
this usually dismal genre.

Anyway, there is a character named Dildahl the Druid 
who operates an inn.  At this inn, prices for food and 
service items listed on the menu are very reasonable, 
but any item whose price is not listed costs thousands 
of dollars (especially the fish!).   

Not surprisingly, the food listed on the menu is always 
"temporarily unavailable", so the innkeepper will kindly 
suggest fish.  Of course, first he has required the guest 
to sign a lien putting up the guest's horses and tack as 
collateral against unpaid charges.   In this way he 
amasses a small fortune.

I propose calling such Ebay sellers "Druids" in honor of 
this character.

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