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(TV) (OT) Ticketmaster (was: You think Ebay is bad...)

"Emilie T. Hsu" <ehsu@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Forget Ebay -- I think those Clear-Channel/Ticketmaster charges are outrageous -- they come to $8 per ticket (I just ordered the tickets to the Saturday 03/22 Television concert)!
> Didn't people try to sue Ticketmaster?  If they didn't, people really should, it's a monopoly!

Just wondering if Television had any alternatives but Ticketmaster.
Could it perhaps have been arranged through of some university's
arts and lectures series (like say, Columbia)?

That happens a lot out here in the SF Bay Area, where venues for live
music have declined in recent years. The University of California Art and 
Lectures series books all kinds of acts at smaller halls and some large 
churches--no TicketMaster.   Last week I saw classical guitarist and
composer Benjamin Verdery in concert, but they also book pop acts.  They 
sell the tickets direct over the Internet.  TicketMaster can't muscle in
on the UC because UC builds all the US nuclear weapons. ;-)

A million years ago when I was in college, we booked some fairly well 
known acts (Fishbone, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and a bunch of LA punk bands)
and always paid the bands and at least broken even after costs.  The year
before, somebody booked the Talking Heads.

Anybody care to guesstimate how big a crowd the Television shows are 
likely to pull in?

(I've got a comment on monopolies which I'll post separately.)

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