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Re: (TV) Song revivals?

In message <200302082309.PAA17675@mail.cruzio.com>, Mark G. Ryan <mgryan@cruzio.com> writes
More seriously, anyone care to comment on to what extent the
band Television is a creative vehicle for its members (especially
Tom and Richard) nowadays,

Actually, I can't resist saying that both Tom and Richard play better with Television than either of them does with anyone else. I'd rather hear Richard and Tom playing live together on, say, 1880 or So, than go to see either of them solo. The recent dates I saw were full of 'new' things and no-one seemed to be going through any motions. Still a great and important band, if you ask me. (The Eagles, now - they were never the same after Pat Boone left)

and to what extent is it a fossil
that they bring back from the dead every so often when the
bills need paying?

Hmm... pass. But what's wrong with paying bills by doing what you seem to do best?

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