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Re: (TV) Song revivals?

"Dennis D" <dend@nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> I would LOVE to see them do Adventure!
> > I think it's sensible. "Breakin' In My Heart" is a special case, since it
> was
> > part of the Television playlist for 3 years before appearing on a Verlaine
> LP
> > (an LP that, one could argue, is closer to a 3rd Television LP than the
> 1992
> > record), but in general I wouldn't be psyched by a Television show that
> > featured solo showcases for "Lindi Lu" or "Torn Shirt" or whatever.
> >
> > --Philip

This discussion of possible Television playlists has been 
very interesting and I have learned from it.  But I am reminded 
of the joke about the guy who is touring an old folks home.  

The old folks keep telling the same jokes, so they have all the 
jokes numbered.
   "42!" one old guy calls out, and everybody laughs.
   "23!" says another old guy, and busts them up.
Finally the visitor gets up his nerve and calls out "35!"
    Dead silence.
The vistor turns to his guide and asks, "What's the matter!"
    "We just heard that one."

More seriously, anyone care to comment on to what extent the 
band Television is a creative vehicle for its members (especially 
Tom and Richard) nowadays, and to what extent is it a fossil 
that they bring back from the dead every so often when the 
bills need paying?

Since everybody in the audience knows all the songs, maybe tbey
could just number them and not have to haul around all those 
instruments and amplifiers?  

	"Wow--liked the solo!"
	"Tom signs nice on that one.  But I was hopeing they
	 would do Adventure---I mean 37."

(Just kidding---don't all kill me at once!)

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