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Re: (TV) Verlaine guitar

Blumetakt@aol.com wrote:
> It's legit. It's a white one. It was used on the later TV record and on some 
> of Tom's solo stuff. 
> regards
> Chris O'D 

Guess we'll have to wait and see if we think the seller is legit.

I mean, what's to stop a person from getting an e-mail address
and a post box and putting up a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge?
Heck, I'd even include a letter of authenticity from the City of 
New York.  Hell, you can even go look at your bridge before you
send me the money.  And if you don't think it's the finest Brooklyn
Bridge you ever saw, the deal is off and you owe me nothing.
How can you loose?  :-)

I've heard of people getting burned badly buying celebrity items at 
auction at Southebys. One would have to be a trusting soul indeed to 
buy one on Ebay.

What a great way to unload an entire inventory of beat-up old guitars!
Here's a crappy Ibanez--must have belonged to Steve Vai: type up a letter.
This Washburn: Bootsy Collins of course: type up a letter.  Fenders are 
great because for practically any model, year and color, no matter how
inferior and beat up, you can find some rock star that might have used it.
If Fender can't match the serial number to the rock star's name no
problem: the star just didn't buy the guitar new.

So, want to own Tom Verlaine's old guitar?  Go to the music store, find and
puchase a white 1963 Fender Jaguar, swtich out any hardware that doesn't
look like the one in the picture, and voila! there you have it.  All you
gotta do is type a letter and copy Verlaine's signature (it's not like
it's George Washington's or something--who's gunna know the difference?)

You'd never be quite sure if you bought the one on Ebay, but this way you 
know you didn't get screwed and you can still impress your friends. Best
part: if you don't sell, you haven't even broken the law.  But if you're 
going to go to all that trouble, why not copy the Jazzmaster?

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